Cute Baby Caterpillar Costume For Infants

caterpillar costume for infants

Oo-oo-oo..  what a cute little critter!  Isn’t he a lot more adorable than the bluish chain hookah smoker from the fairy tale?  :wink  I am usually a stickler for tradition but after checking out this little getup I figured just for this instance that it would be alright to move away from the standard caterpillar blue.  Many, many colors make a happy baby, no?

Image Credit: Caterpillar costume for infants is courtesy of Amazon

This outfit will work out well with the little ones especially if they are still in the crawling phase.  Many a great videos or Instagram moments could be made as the little critter inches his or her way across the room.  Put bunch of excited playmates in little animal costumes for one of their playdates or birthday parties and I am sure they will have a wild time together.  Though I have a pretty good feeling that it is the doting mommies and daddies who would have a more incredible time than the oblivious kiddos.


The jumpsuit is easy to slip on but some mommies have noted that the costume runs a tad too large but then again baby sizes vary.  The headpiece and back pads are attached with velcro for easy removal.  I love some of these other cute-as-button costumes that baby caterpillar’s companions could put on for a garden themed get together: a bee, butterfly and some flowers would be plenty adorable!

Image Credit: Images of the bee, butterfly, lady bug  and sunflower costume for babies are courtesy of Amazon

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